Woolworths supermarket shopper’s little-known hack to save huge money on fruit, meat and BBQ chooks

A Woolworths customer has spoken out about a little-known hack that could save you huge dollars on fresh fruit, meat, cheese and even hot BBQ chickens.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, the shopper revealed that doing one thing before you leave your local supermarket can see you score a serious bargain.

She says weighing packets of pre-packaged foods could result in you finding items which weigh significantly more than the advertised weight.

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The Woolies shopper said she discovered this after purchasing a 400g pack of Cotton Candy grapes, which retails for $6.90.

When she weighed the pre-packaged item, she was surprised to discover that it in fact weighed almost 700g.

“It pays to check the weight of pre-packaged items,” the shopper wrote on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page.

The Woolies shopper shared this pic to show how her 400g pack of grapes in fact weighed 691g. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

“Cotton Candy grapes, $6.90 for a 400g pack at Woolies.

“I picked up a couple of packs to check the quality of the grapes and noticed a difference in the weight. Grabbed a heavier pack and scored!”

Another Facebook user took the Woolies customer up on her advice and said she also found a 680g pack of the 400g Cotton Candy grapes at her local store.

Many other supermarket shoppers said they use this tactic with other pre-packaged items, weighing meat and even BBQ chooks to find the heaviest one.

“I do this with the meats that are 400gE, it’s great because I get the heaviest one I can find,” said one.

Another responded: “I do this too with hot roast chickens – and I get a bargain every time.”

A third wrote: “I do the same, sometimes I even use their scales to check. And did it today with markdown roast chook from Coles, I got the heaviest one.”

Said one more: “I found a bag of ‘Odd Bunch’ lemons last week that were almost twice the stated weight. What a score for $3!”

Other shoppers said they regularly weigh hot roast chickens – which are all priced to same – to find the heaviest one. Credit: 7NEWS.com.au

Another added: “I do this with pre-packaged produce, like cooked chickens and cakes.”

One former food industry worker said it was a good tip for buying cheese as well.

“I used to work at a cheese factory, sometimes our 200g brie and camembert cheeses were 120g over in weight, so weighing products is always a good idea,” they said.

“I use the fruit scales while in store when I buy soft cheese.”

One customer commented that the hack was a “great way to save on groceries”.

Some queried whether the packaging around the cotton candy grapes contributed to the excessive weight, however the shopper said this wasn’t the case.

“It weighs 33g,” the customer stated, sharing a photo of the empty pack on the scales.

The Woolies shopper shared this image to show that the plastic container weighed 33g. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

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