Mum breaks down in tears after her baby’s unusual name is slammed as ‘ridiculous’

A tearful influencer has taken to TikTok to call out those who have made fun of her baby boy’s name.

British couple Liana Jade and Connor Darlington have more than 2.7 million followers on their YouTube channel, where they post videos about their lifestyle, pregnancy and parenting.

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Their eight-month-old boy has an unusual name, but it’s one that has a special meaning for them – Koazy, pronounced “cosy”.

Recently Liana, 24, became aware of an episode of The Unplanned Podcast by US couple Matt and Abby Howard in which unusual baby name choices were discussed.

The Howards did not mention Koazy specifically but, in discussing unusual names, Abby said: “You know your child is going to grow up and be an adult, right?”

Liana Jade gets upset as she talks about the cruel barbs at her baby’s name. Credit: Liana Jade

To which Matt added: “I’m like, that might not be the flex that you think it is. That might be a red flag.”

The couple said that quirky choices for baby names in 2023 were becoming “ridiculous”.

When the podcasters opened up their comments section, Liana said people specificially mentioned Koazy and began to “rip at” her boy’s name.

Visibly upset as she took to TikTok, Liana explained why her baby was named Koazy and described the backlash against their choice of name as “cruel”.

“People have said we called him Koazy because he was cosy in the womb,” she said.

“But no. It was a name we already had and as I was getting so heavily pregnant, people were saying ‘he’s so cosy in your belly’.

“It confirmed to us that is what we should name him… we were like ‘Oh my God, it’s meant to be’.”

The influencer called out those who have made fun of her baby boy’s name. Credit: TikTok/lianajadee

She said she was aware the name wouldn’t be everyone’s “cup of tea” but this didn’t give people the right to tear into her son’s unique moniker.

“I knew everyone wasn’t going to love the name so I am not going to sit here defending it,” she said.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

“But it’s just different when there’s this comment section open on such a big influencer’s video of people, fully grown adults, just sat there slandering my baby’s name.

“I think it’s quite cruel – and if I had posted that video personally, I think I would have been very mindful of who was being named and how that can have an effect on other people.”

Their eight-month-old boy has an unusual name, but it’s one that has a special meaning for them – Koazy, pronounced ‘cosy’. Credit: Liana Jade

Followers took to Liana’s TikTok, which has had more than six million views, with most supporting her right to call her baby whatever she liked.

“Koazy is a lovely name,” one person wrote.

“Please don’t (be) upset,” wrote another.

“Everyone has an opinion, but a name is personal to the parents who chose it and shouldn’t be judged by anyone else.

“Stay strong.”

“It’s a beautiful name❤️and it is YOUR baby’s name, he suits it so much,” said a third.

“Please please don’t listen to hate over it, who cares!”

But others echoed Matt and Abby Howard’s comment that a cute baby name may not read so well when the child becomes an adult.

“Koazy is a cute name for a baby but not when they’re 30,” one person wrote.

“Koazy is going to catch hell in school,” said another.

Matt and Abby Howard have since turned the comments off their podcast.

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